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Conventionally, chemotherapies were administered in hospital setups only because of the complications involved in administration and overall management until concept of ‘Chemotherapy Day Care’ was coined. Chemotherapy Day Care makes difference to cancer patients in many ways. It saves time and money, and offers convenience to patients.

Rakesh Cancer Care takes pride to have started a pioneering initiative of Chemotherapy Day Care centres in Mumbai and Thane for the convenience and seamless treatment experience for patient.

What is Day Care?

Day Care is place where patients take their treatment and go back home on the same day, no need of overnight stay.

At Rakesh Cancer Care

  1. We have a dedicated team of qualified, skilled oncologists.
  2. We give chemotherapy drugs at very discounted rates, so that it is affordable to every body
  3. We make life hassle-free from starting chemotherapy to discharge. We are dedicated to provide quality care treatment with human touch.
  4. Social worker support for getting financial assistance from govt / trusts.

We have qualified, skilled oncologists and nursing staff who also specialise in molecular medicine consists of targeted therapy and immunotherapy which we are proud to have produced excellent results for patients. Chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy can be easily administered in daycare setting and does not require overnight stay.

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