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It is a pervasive fact that patients with advanced stages (stage 4) of cancer are difficult to treat and usually lead to poor outcomes. They are in extreme pain and discomfort in such a terminal stage. Rakesh Cancer Care has expertise to undertake palliative treatment for such patients which can help subside their symptoms to that Patient can be offered utmost comfort and reasonable quality of life if not cure of disease. Palliative treatments are offered when disease of patient’s progress despite mainstay treatments and nothing but controlling symptoms for comfort of patient is the only option left for cancer physician. It may appear to be sad however a reality of cancer treatment.

We at Rakesh Cancer Care, we insist that people should remains vigilant about abnormal Changes in their body so that those can be assessed for risk, thereby early diagnosis of Cancer. With early diagnosis, we can achieve Cure in many cases or offer a substantially longer life to patients. Our society has understood the importance of early diagnosis of cancer which reflects in proportionately more patients presenting to us with early stage diseases as compared to few years ago. We commit ourselves to intense efforts for as many initiatives to make society at large aware of symptoms and means of early diagnosis of cancer.

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